Monday, May 9, 2011

Undesserving and Completely Thankful

I have so much. I have been given so much, and so little has been taken away from me. We have definitely had our hard times, but they have truly made us stronger. The biggest loss of my life was losing my Papa, who was like a Father to me. He lived a long and full life. He truly lived and he truly loved. He died when I was 19, and he was 87. I miss him, but it was his time, and I don't feel I was cheated out of one minute with him.

Yesterday we found out that a family we met at our church in Kentucky, lost their son suddenly. He was 20 years old. He was a talented musician. He was brutally honest. He was engaged to a girl he loved, and now he is gone. I cannot imagine the blow this is to this family. To lose someone you love so much, someone so young, someone you thought had so much life left to live.

I can't at all pretend to know that pain. I can't understand how cheated they must feel. I can't imagine the giant hole they must have inside. You should never have to bury your baby. You should never have to go to the funeral of your fiance.

I hurt for them. I pray for them. And because of their loss... I hold my baby closer, and thank God she is alive, and I promise to live every minute loving her, loving her Daddy, and thanking God for he family he has blessed me with. I don't deserve all that he has given me, but I am thankful for it.